We offer:
PEth Testing
  • Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) by dried blood spot (DBS) analysis
  • PEth is a phospholipid formed only in the presence of ethanol
  • PEth is a direct marker for alcohol use and is highly correlated to alcohol intake over the past month
  • PEth provides proof of abstinence and also distinguishes between heavy and moderate drinking
  • ToxLogic is NATA accredited for workplace drug testing
  • Accreditation for urine and oral fluid collections and testing
  • NATA Accreditation No. 19780
We Offer:
Hair Testing
  • Hair sample analysis to test for use of, or abstinence from, drugs and alcohol
  • Testing can be done using head or body hair
  • Testing laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Results returned within 10-14 days of collection
  • Expert reports available
Workplace Testing
  • On-call service available in Metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland Region
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Excellent response times
Urine And
Oral Fluid Testing
  • We are a NATA accredited collection agency
  • Urine testing conducted in to AS/NZS 4308:2008
  • Oral Fluid testing conducted to AS/NZS 4760:2019
  • Services available on-site or at our offices in Melbourne and Gippsland
Chain of Custody
  • Chain of Custody is our standard procedure for all collections
  • Chain of Custody is legally defensible
  • Results of hair analysis are often used in court cases

Hair testing for drugs and alcohol

ToxLogic is one of the earliest providers of hair drug and alcohol testing in Australia. Through the testing of hair samples, we have helped hundreds of individuals, companies and levels of government in proving substance use or abstinence.

Hair testing is specific, accurate and quantitative. This means it can determine low, medium or high levels.

Hair drug testing is sometimes referred to as hair follicle testing. This however is incorrect as the hair follicle is inside the scalp. Instead, hair is cut close to the scalp and only the hair strands are tested.

From the hair follicle to the drug testing laboratory

Hair drug tests are a useful tool for investigating long-term substance use habits. Analysis of sections of hair for drugs and alcohol can help establish a history or pattern of use.

When substances enter the bloodstream, the drug and/or its metabolites are deposited in the hair follicle. These deposits remain in the hair strand as it grows.

By analysing a length of hair, the drugs used over a specified period can be identified. This means a one-centimetre length of hair will provide about a one-month history of drug use.

Sample collection

We collect hair samples under chain of custody conditions using a specialised collection kit we have developed.

The collection procedure involves cutting two locks of hair close to the scalp. The hair is from the area around the crown of the head. Each lock taken is 50 – 100 hairs, leaving a small spot the width of a pea. Where hairstyles permit our collectors will take hair from underneath where the hair naturally falls. This way the collection site is not usually visible.

If head hair is not available, we can use body hair in most cases, such as armpit hair.

World-leading hair testing laboratories

ToxLogic sends collected hair samples to referral laboratories Cansford Laboratories in the United Kingdom and Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA) in Melbourne.

Cansford Laboratories is a pioneer in hair drug and alcohol testing. Their work and research in this field are world-renowned. HASTA specialises in sports drug testing. Both laboratories are fully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

ToxLogic works with both laboratories to provide our clients with the most detailed picture of a person’s substance use.

With their extensive expertise both laboratories can provide expert interpretation of results. These can assist clients in establishing patterns of use and presenting results to the courts. Expert reports are available for an additional charge.

Tailored testing to suit your needs

We can perform testing for panels of drugs and alternatively individual drug groups. The panels we offer cover the broad range of common illicit drugs and misused prescription medications. We provide quotes based on individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

We ask a number of questions to determine the right test for you or your client. This helps us understand your hair testing goals and ensures value for money.

Questions we commonly ask:


If you’d like to know more about hair testing see our frequently asked questions page. Alternatively contact our hair testing team phone: 1300 56 86 96 or email: hairtesting@toxlogic.com.au